22nd and 23rd May 2021

Saturday Morning 11am -1pm - Traditionally Sanskrit Counted Primary Series

Sandra will offer modifications where necessary, so you don't have to be practising the full primary series to attend.

Saturday Afternoon 2pm - 4pm - Turn Your World Upside Down! then 'Yogic Sleep' !!

Following on from the morning practise we will break down and explore Arm Balances and Inversions; from the Primary Series and then 'play' with a few from the Intermediate Series and maybe Advanced A Series! We will look at balancing on our hands/arms instead of feet! and at what we need to cultivate for safe inversions. Suitable for all students of any style of yoga as Sandra will offer modifications and simpler versions accessible for all students. We will close this afternoon session with a deep guided Guided Yoga Nidra Zzzzzz :)

Sunday  10am-1pm (3hrs) - Half Primary / Half Intermediate Series Counted Class Followed by Discussion of Tri-Bandha and Guided Pranayama Practise.

Sandra will guide the group through a Half Primary and Half Second Series offering modifications where necessary, so you don't have to be currently practising Second Series to attend (Sandra will work to the group present on the day). After Savasana, we will take a short 10 minute break and then flow into a short discussion / explanation of the three Bandhas (Mula, Uddhyana, Jalandhara), their relevance in kumbhaka, and then Sandra will close this 3hr morning session with a guided Pranayama Practise before taking rest.


CHANGE OF VENUE TO 'Summertown Village Hall' Oxford - Numbers limited to 15

For Booking and Info info please Click Here



Full Workshop £100

Sunday Only £42 (3hr class)

Saturday Individual Classes (each) £30 (2hr Classes)



Old Headington Village Hall, Dunstan Rd, Oxford, OX3 9BY


Or Please contact Ian Macdonald at Oxford Yoga to receive booking form a few weeks before the workshop please send a sae to :-

Ian & Josephine Macdonald, 14 Chalfont Rd, Oxford OX2 6TH.




01865 421234


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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